EcoEssentials Reaches Over 3M+ Impressions in New Campaign with HeyCollabs

About the Client

EcoEssentials is a sustainable lifestyle brand that offers eco-friendly products ranging from reusable household items to organic personal care products. The brand was struggling to expand its reach, engagement, and increase their profits.

The Challenge

EcoEssentials faced challenges in reaching their target market and increasing brand awareness. Traditional marketing channels were not effectively communicating their commitment to sustainability

The Solution

The brand decided to utilize HeyCollabs’ website and connect with influencers who shared a passion for sustainability. By leveraging the platform, EcoEssentials was able to identify influencers aligned with their brand values and mission.
1 M+


1 K

Likes and comments

1 %

Increase in exposure

Campaign Details

Influencer Selection

EcoEssentials took advantage of HeyCollabs’ robust influencer database to look for up to 40 influencers with a focus on sustainable living, eco- consciousness, and wellness. Their criteria included follower engagement, content quality, and alignment with what they stand for.


EcoEssentials was able to communicate and collab seamlessly with their chosen influencers in HeyCollabs. Whether it was through gifted or paid collabs, the contracts, deliverables, and payment processes were efficiently managed on the platform.

Content Creation

Influencers created engaging content showcasing EcoEssentials’ products in real-life scenarios, emphasizing their sustainability and quality. This included unboxing videos, tutorials, and lifestyle posts.
1 %

Increased followers

1 K

Followers during campaign


Increased Brand Visibility

The influencer marketing campaigns led to a significant increase of over 3M+ impressions and about 124,000 likes and comments for the brand. That’s about a 40% increase in exposure. EcoEssentials’ brand visibility spread across various social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Audience Growth

EcoEssentials experienced a 30% increase in their social media followers, gaining 75,000 followers during the campaign period, directly attributed to influencer collaborations.

Sales Boost

EcoEssentials’ influencer marketing efforts resulted in a 35% increase in online sales, generating $14,390.32 in revenue, indicating a direct impact on consumer purchasing behavior.

Positive Brand Sentiment

Through influencer-driven content, EcoEssentials successfully conveyed its commitment to sustainability, leading to a boost in positive brand sentiment and customer loyalty.
1 %

Increased sales

$ 1

Increased revenue

Final Thoughts

HeyCollabs played an important role in helping EcoEssentials overcome its marketing challenges and achieve significant growth through strategic influencer collabs. The platform’s seamless processes, combined with the power of influencer marketing, contributed to increased brand awareness, audience engagement, and ultimately, improved sales for EcoEssentials.

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