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Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are made directly through our site. The amount you’re paid as an influencer varies depending on factors like the type of collaborations and your negotiation with brands.
For now, you don’t need to pay anything upfront.
We collect the payment from the brand and hold it safely until the order is completed. This way, it ensures protection for both sides during the entire transaction.
Certainly! You have the option to either accept or decline an order, giving you the freedom to collaborate only with brands that match your values and interests.
Right now, you can also offer your services on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.
No need for contracts! We’re a self-serve platform where you have the freedom to handle your own deals independently. We’re here to offer you the platform to showcase your services to brands without getting in your way.
We’re not an agency. We’re a platform that lets you showcase your services and manage your own brand collaborations.

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